My name is Marina Ballesteros and I am an aspiring Elementary Educator in the state of California. I created this blog for my “Writing Diverse Cultures” English course, but my hope is that my blog posts on diversity and diverse cultures will start a conversation among my fellow educators about diversity in your curriculum. I am currently working on a 4+1 program where I will graduate with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and teaching credential in the next few years. This semester I am in several methods courses, all of which have influenced my final project in my “Writing Diverse Cultures” class. With the Common Core State Standards and 2016 History-Social Science Framework taking effect, my goal is to provide you with lesson plans that can be implemented while discussing diverse cultures of California. As you look back into my blog archives, I hope my posts on diversity along with my lesson plan inspire you to take a critical lens at your curriculum so that we can provide a more diverse and inclusive curriculum and classroom environment.