So, Here I Am in ENG 302…

Photo1 Environmental Portraits P5-11

Photo credit: Rebecca Romero.

As someone that is going to be a future teacher, we may find ourselves asking, “Why am I in this class? How will this help me become a better teacher?”

I am an Integrated Educational Studies major with minors in Dance and Language and Literacy. I am taking this course as an elective for the Language and Literacy minor. In fact, this is my very last class I have for the minor! While this class does count for one of my minors, the title of the course interested me because of my education-related major. Since I want to become an educator, I believe it is important to be aware of the diverse populations you will be working with. The diversity aspect of the course sparked my interest and I expect to add to my growing knowledge of the subject. In addition to gaining knowledge on the subject of diversity, I also expect to strengthen my writing skills. I enjoy writing and I expect to teach writing as a future educator. I need my writing to lead as an example to my students, so I hope to work on all elements of my writing so that I can teach writing correctly in the future.

As a teacher, we always ask what our objectives are that we want our students to learn. So what are my objectives for myself in this course? This 5-item list consists of specific techniques that I would like to explore, experiment with, and work at throughout my ENG 302 class.

  1. I would like to explore more personal narrative writing. I really enjoy expressing myself on paper and telling personal stories. I hope to be able to do this more in this course.
  2. I would like to work on punctuation.
  3. I want to experiment with writing more informative writing. I know this is a growing standard in Common Core, so I want to strengthen my own writing to be able to teach it better.
  4. I would like to explore blog writing. I have always thought about writing a blog, but have always found excuses not to.
  5. I would like to explore writing about diversity. I think diversity makes the world a better place and is something that should be written and spoken about more without a negative connotation attached to it.


I believe it is important to know yourself before being able to help others. These are five of my dearest identities that will affect the lens in which I teach.


Heart Patient






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