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Throughout this semester, I have learned that I can be a writer of diverse cultures and how important that is as a human living in 2017. I learned how to accomplish this through the readings from the course. The text that impacted me the most was Alcoff’s The Problem of Speaking for Others. I related to her when she questioned,

“If I don’t speak for those less privileged than myself, am I abandoning my political responsibility to speak out against oppression, a responsibility incurred by the very fact of my privilege?” (p.2)

I agreed with Alcoff’s argument that people should be able to speak to their own stories, but I also agreed with this quote when she recognized there are instances when your privilege can help you help others hear their stories. Additionally, I agreed with Richter’s point in Falling Into Theory when he pointed out,

“Strong conservative forces-including the very idea of the canon- operate to keep the canon constant. Institutional education may be the strongest of these…Furthermore, some texts may survive precisely because they are useful to educators” (p.125).

I appreciated this quote because it emphasizes the power educators have in keeping the canon in place or critically analyzing the texts they put in their classroom and integrate multicultural literature.

After revisiting my first blog post, many of my goals centered around improving my writing itself. I think I was able to gain practice with it merely by doing it so much. However, when writing this goal I think I assumed I would get back hard copies with writing corrections written on it. While I did not get back this type of feedback, I did get helpful feedback from my peers and Professor that helped me improve my writing. I think the goal I accomplished the most was learning to write in a blog format. I feel much more comfortable writing in a blog format, and have even found myself hyperlinking when writing for other classes. This technique will be helpful in the future.

In regard to writing about diverse cultures and reading diverse cultures, I learned the importance of awareness and not tokenizing diversity. This is important when both reading and integrating diverse texts into the classroom. Diverse texts should never be introduced to students as, “Today we are going to read a diverse text.” Instead, educators needs to integrate these texts in their curriculum so that it is not something that is out of the ordinary for them.


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